Who Killed Laura Palmer?

14 04 2011

Copyright 1990 Lynch/Frost Productions

That question was burning through the television world  in 1990 when the original episodes of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks aired.  When the first season came out on DVD in the early 2000s, I jumped at the opportunity to watch the show.  David Lynch has long been a favorite filmmaker of mine; of course, not all his films are for all tastes, but you can’t say they aren’t interesting at least.

I watched through the first season of the show and absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately, the second DVD installment wasn’t released until much later, so by the time it came out I would have had to re-watch all the first season.  By that time I was deep in the throes of college and didn’t have the time to devote to a television program.  Even without fully finishing the series, I long carried this as my favorite television show of all time (until The Sopranos and Lost).  The quirky characters and weird happenings in the town made the show very unique.  It’s a soap opera mystery via David Lynch, and it’s the Lynchian touch that makes it so brilliant.

Now, nearly 10 years later, I noticed that Netflix has added the entire series to their instant queue.  I was ecstatic; finally an opportunity to finish this wonderful show properly.  However, my girlfriend, Maddie, had never seen the show and I wanted to watch it with her.  So, we started the pilot episode last night and are looking forward to watching through the entire series.  It’s amazing how much you forget from a television program after 10 years; I definitely remembered the major points of the pilot, but so much of the ancillary stories had evaporated from memory.  I hope 10 years from now the same will be able to be done with Lost; to watch it again and feel like first viewing – that would be a treat!

Though I never finished the series, I do know who killed Laura Palmer.  There was no disclosure statement in the prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and I watched it before I started the actual show.  At the end of the film, it shows who killed her.  So, for anyone interested in Twin Peaks, don’t watch Fire Walk with Me until after the series!  Also, for the sake of future viewers, please no comments revealing the culprit.




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18 06 2011
Claire Packer

Well, Twin Peaks certainly is a blast from the past! I remembering finding it in my parents’ video collection and asking my Dad what it was about. He tried to explained and I watched a bit but it was very confusing! Perhaps now I’m older I’ll try again.

What I do remember is the theme tune… ‘Falling’ is one of my favourite songs. It’s very atmospheric.

18 06 2011

“Falling” is definitely a beautiful theme song and so amazingly memorable as well! I think Angelo Badalamenti wrote the theme in only a few hours as well, which makes it all the more impressive.

If you like David Lynch a lot, I would highly recommend giving the series a second chance. If his features are rough for you, I’d probably pass on it because it’s definitely very Lynchian. I will, however, say that he episodes worth watching are from the pilot until episode 17 (which is where they catch Laura’s killer, though you find out who did it in episode 15 I think). After that, unfortunately, the show kind of meanders, but none of the following plot lines can equal the mystery of the Palmer case.

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