Opening the Flood Gates

15 06 2011

After careful consideration, I have decided to “open the flood gates” so to speak and go into back log film reviews.  Up to this point, every film review I have posted has only been reviews of films I have watched since beginning this blog back in March 2011.  However, since I am currently in the midst of watching several television series, my output to the blog has decreased to a degree.

To help close this gap and keep constant posts, I am going to go into my back log of films I have seen.  The primary difference between back-logged reviews and new reviews will be the length.  The usual length of my normal reviews runs about 450-500 words because the film itself is completely fresh in my mind and I am able to analyze a bit more without reference.  The back-logged films will come a bit shorter than this and be in the form of a “mini-review”.  It will still give basic overviews, thoughts and a 5-star rating, but just with less depth; it will be a quick guide if-you-will to what the film is about and whether or not it is worth watching.

What does this mean?  Well, this means that any film I have ever seen is now fair game for a review.  What kind of an amount are we talking about?  That’s a bit hard to tell, but definitely in the thousands.  So, I hope you stay tuned and appreciate the influx of reviews to come from early cinema to present day, black-and-white to color and foreign and domestic.




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