Doctor Who: All Eleven Doctors Ranked Worst to Best

5 09 2011

So, I’ve finally had a chance to see at least one serial of all eleven doctors in Doctor Who.  I understand that this post will be completely subjective, but honestly, this is my blog, so isn’t it all completely subjective any way?  Well, here goes, my list of favorite actors who have portrayed the time-traveling Time Lord simply known as “The Doctor” from 1963 all the way up to last Saturday night:

11. Colin Baker – 1984-86 – Doctor #6

I’m so sorry, Colin.  He always gets a bad rap and, to be fair, there was a lot of pressure against the show during this time and some of the worst scripts as well.  Even still, however, something about (this) Baker’s portrayal of the Doctor just rubs you wrong.  Compared to many of the other Doctors, he was brash, (more) arrogant and sometimes just downright mean to his companions.  Not to mention, what the hell was he wearing!?!  Most of the Doctor’s outfits over the years, though eccentric, have still been pretty cool.  This rainbow infested disaster, however, wouldn’t even make the “cool” ranking of a four year old.  Again, Colin, I’m sorry, you seem like a great guy in real life, but as the Doctor, I just couldn’t dig your interpretation.

10. William Hartnell – 1963-66 – Doctor #1

I know, some of you are going to berate me for putting the original Doctor this low on the list.  It’s true, he provided the groundwork that all the other Doctors elaborated upon, not to mention he made the show famous from the beginning episodes.  This crotchety grandfather-like figure as the Doctor just doesn’t have enough fun though!  I like Doctors that know how to be serious, but also have that ridiculously zany element we’ve all come to know and love.  Hartnell’s first Doctor also seemed too absent-minded and feeble for me to completely enjoy.  In fact, unfortunately due to his poor health near his final episodes as the character, Hartnell would flub lines, so some of the idiosyncrasies of the character can’t wholly be deduced to acting.  It’s a shame he was so ill near the end and God bless the man for continuing to do what he loved for as long as he could.  A salute to you, sir, for your original portrayal and I dug the Victorian costume, but my favorite Doctors lie ahead.

9. Tom Baker – 1974-81 – Doctor #4

O.K., so I’m sure most of you expected to see the second Baker a bit higher on the list.  I’ve given him a fair shake by watching several serials, but just can’t put him any higher than this lowly position of number 9.  During his run, which was the longest of any Doctor to date, he epitomized the character with his off-the-wall elusive behavior, wild hair and elongated scarf.  In my opinion, however, I just couldn’t buy into it.  His delivery at times seems stilted and his inability to take charge of the situation was just too distracting for me to fully ingest his portrayal of the Doctor.  So, for you upset over this choice, would you like a Jelly Baby?

8. Peter Davison – 1981-84 – Doctor #5

From this point in our list on are Doctors that I really liked.  Not until our 5th entry do we get to the Doctors that I loved, but the next few entries at least get my one thumb up approval.  Davison, when cast, was the youngest Doctor to date.  In fact, he is still the second youngest even 30 years later.  With an outfit that looked like a mix of tennis court yuppie and panama jack, not to mention the curious piece of celery, this Doctor ushered us into the 1980s.  He was young, spirited and actually took great care in listening to his companions.  I really enjoyed Davison as the Doctor and think he did a wonderful job, even despite the fact that some of his episodes weren’t the best written.  His final episode, The Caves of Androzani (a bit overrated in my opinion, but still great), continues to top lists of the best episodes ever for the series.

7. Christopher Eccleston – 2005 – Doctor #9

I began the series with the 2005 reboot, so this was essentially my first Doctor (though not MY Doctor as many people state).  I have to give him some credit for engaging me in the program and helping bring me into the world of Whovians.  Though, in reality, he has been my least favorite of the rebooted Doctors.  He switched back and forth between quirky and crazy to intensely serious on the drop of a hat.  This element alone is enough to make you ask exactly what type of emotions is going through this war-born Time Lord.  I wish he would have picked a side, one way or the other, but other than that  – nice run Eccleston!

6. – Sylvester McCoy – 1987-89, 1996 – Doctor #7

I know a lot of people hate McCoy.  I know, it was with his Doctor that the series sank to all-time lows and initiated a nearly 16 year hiatus (of course, outside of the Doctor Who Movie in 1996).  To further clarify my placement of McCoy, I have only seen serials from his latter tenure which included companion Ace.  From what I have seen from these later episodes, which have consistently been rated much higher than his earlier episodes, I have really enjoyed him.  He has a dark demeanor and is very much a Sherlock Holmes-like Doctor.  Not to mention, his interactions with Ace are some of the best Doctor/Companion interactions I think I’ve seen on the show outside of Rose and the 10th Doctor.  And, trust me, that’s saying a lot!

5. Paul McGann – 1996 – Doctor #8

Outside of audio stories, McGann only had one chance on television to grace us with his portrayal of the Doctor.  Though the movie wasn’t amazing, I liked it.  What I loved, however, was Paul McGann’s awesome performance.  He was witty, eccentric, yet very much in control and concerned with saving the world.  His outfit was completely bad-ass as well!  A Victorian Buffalo Bill mixture that is elegant, yet weird.  I wish we could have seen Paul McGann grow the character onscreen a bit more.  I immediately enjoyed his portrayal, and everyone knows it usually takes several episodes before you start to warm up to a new Doctor.  If he’d had the chance, I think he could have been one of the best yet.

4. Matt Smith – 2010-present – Doctor #11

Our current Doctor, Matt Smith.  At first, I was not sure what to think of him, but he has proven himself quite well.  He is definitely eccentric and on the weird side of Doctor characterizations, but he also knows how to take control and fight back when the situation calls for it.  Furthermore, with Stephen Moffatt behind him as the creative force, his stories are becoming some of the best yet.  Smith has also single-handedly made bow ties quite cool once again!  Who knows, in time, I may move Smith up even higher on my list, but for now, he will stand at the still admirable number 4 position. Geronimo!

3. Jon Pertwee – 1970-74 – Doctor #3

Dare I say, our most adventurous Doctor?  With cape and dashing personality to match, Pertwee was the James Bond of Doctors.  He was cool, conservative and sometimes overly confident.  Forced for most of his tenure to assist U.N.I.T. on Earth, Pertwee had a great relationship with his companion, fellow researcher Jo.  Out of all the serious incarnations of the Doctor, who had little time for zaniness, Pertwee is my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong though, his witty and cynical remarks born from his ego are some of the funniest lines from this era of the series.  I can’t wait to continue working my way through Pertwee’s tenure as the Doctor, and remember, to always reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

2. Patrick Troughton – 1966-69 – Doctor #2

Unfortunately, many of Troughton’s episodes no longer exist due to the BBC’s clearing policy in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  However, what is left is testament to his amazing portrayal of the character.  He was the first Doctor to not be so serious all the time, a “Cosmic Hobo” if you will.  Despite his goofy antics and somewhat aloof personality, this Doctor could be extremely effective and usually knew what was going on well before his stumped companions.  One of the subtlest actors in the role, this flute playing, Chaplinesque Doctor is one of my absolute favorite.  Now, if I can just scour the Earth for the rest of his lost episodes…

1. David Tennant – 2005-2010 – Doctor #10

This is it, the end of our list.  Here we come to MY doctor, David Tennant.  When he first arrived on the scene, I had no idea what to think of him.  As time progressed, however, Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor as a goofy, caffeine-induced super hero, complete with maroon chucks and brown duster, became my favorite.  I don’t know whether I’ll ever like an actor in the role as much as I enjoyed Tennant.  He will definitely be a hard act to follow and whenever I think of the Doctor, this is who comes to my mind first. Well, there you have it, my countdown of the actors who have portrayed the Doctor.  Until next time, Allons Y!!!





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11 02 2012

just putting it out there, david tennant is for retarded fan boys, other than colin baker being the worst and patrick troughton being the 2nd best you could not be more wrong you idiot!!!

30 08 2012

“Retarded,” says the man who a) doesn’t understand capitalization and b) has no concept of sentence structure. Piss off.

2 01 2013

Steve’s an idiot

2 09 2013
jimmy slim

Steve, you’re an idiot. Colin Baker is the best Doctor.

13 02 2016

YES! And his costume was not HIS choice (he didn’t like it, either), and while it’s offensive to most Europeans, it was a hit in America.

18 11 2013

I’m sorry David tennant is brilliant doctor but this list says sylvester McCoy (the worst doctor) is greater than Tom baker ( the best old doctor)

11 02 2012

Thanks, Steve. Next time I am planning to post an opinion on my blog, I’ll make sure to consult you first you tosser asshole.

18 02 2012

Ahah steve… What can we say… Ah yeah… Shut up?

Well, interesting. I was looking for some other top ten/eleven for doctor who, but I enjoy how you explain why you like or dislike one.

For me, well, I discovered DW with McCoy when I was young. Then I forgot it. I discovered again DW in november, and I started with New Who. I liked it so much, so I was looking for the first serie. And I found it.

So, this is my top eleven, just to compare 🙂
11- Colin Baker
Sorry mate, not the actor in fault, but stories and his creepy coat. I just can’t stand.

10- Paul McGann
Not the actor, but the movie, I mean the quality, I was a bit disappointed. But his doctor is kinda cool. A shame we can’t see him in a serie. The doctor is a teen now, he starts to kiss his companions… Nine, Ten, Eleven, did/do the same. Our doctor has grown up lol.

9-Matt Smith
…I think I’m a bit conservative. Red, blue, and yellow Daleks. Come on, it’s not a Power Rangers Reboot! And well I don’t know. The first scene with Amelia and fish and custard is cool but that’s it. I don’t really like Rory and Amy, and stories give us too many questions without answers.

8- Mc Coy
I really like him. Really. And when I watched the first serie and Baker regenerated in Mc Coy I was speechless, I was like “ooowww, I KNOOOW YOUUUUUU. Can’t be!” and yes, my first doctor when I was a child. So, maybe he is #8 but he’s “my first” and Ace is amazing, she makes me laugh. (like Ace in the fan comic “the ten doctors” I love her even it’s just a fan interpretation. I you want a comic with all the doctors and companions, you can read this long story! Ace with Rose, haha!!)

7- Hartnell
I love him too. He’s the anti hero and that’s why I love him. With Chatterton, Chesserton… (Sorry Ian…), or Steven when he says the Viking helmet is not a space helmet for a cow. Haha, I literally lmaof because he’s so serious and grumpy! We don’t expect him to say something like that. And when he leaves Susan in 2150, for her sake. I was like a child in front of my laptop. And when they are in Dracula’s Castle when they find Frankenstein, his reaction is awesome. We don’t know anything about this Doctor, we suppose he’s an alien, but that’s it. Hartnell, thank you so much for your acting and your doctor, we knows Doctor Who 50 years later, and that’s thanks to you first!

6- Eccleston
What can I say? Fantastic? Like Hartnell, he was amazing, enough to bring definitely the doctor in on BBC and that’s great. Thank you man! And what about the doctor? Well, 900 years old (again…) and he really doesn’t want to die in Cardiff lol.

5- Davison
For heaven sake. Why a stick of celery? Why!?? That’s a bigger question than “Hey docta’, what’s your REAL name?” Pretty boy, blond, and a bit like the tenth doctor.

4- Pertwee
You can read your article at “Pertwee session”, I think the same.

3- Baker the first
… I am a scarf lover. I mean it. And some of my friends laugh when I ask them to not sit in my scarf. Every time we met, they’ve got something to say about my scarf.
What’s the point eh?
When I saw Baker’s era in DW, I was with a friend of mine who loooove makes jokes with my scarf. He said “that’s a sign, you are “scarf-ly” compatible” and well, he’s right. I love this Doctor.

2- Tennant
Well, actually, he’s first with Troughton. But I imagine, if I love so much the second doctor with all these lost episodes… If Troughton era was complete, he would be numero uno. Tennan is amazing. He’s an amazing actor and comedian. I am a huge fan of Shakespeare, and in Much Ado about Nothing he’s wonderful! As Catherine Tate.
I love his doctor, in love, cheeky, brilliant, and stories are wonderful. The thing is, my favourite episode with Tennant is the one where he’s not such on screen, Blink! And with Donna/Catherine Tate, Wow!

1- Troughton
The Doctor and Jamie. When Jamie says he’s got an idea to Victoria and the Doctor, the Doctor takes Victoria and warn her “be careful Victoria, we got to go: Jamie’s got an idea”. I really love them. Even if I wanted to burn the recorder. I was very happy when I saw he was the doctor again later in other’s era.

18 02 2012

And sorry for my bad English.
Hey, the second doctor is the best for me. That mean I am more idiot than you so? Lol

6 10 2012
Terri M

The Fifth Doctor is NOT like the Tenth Doctor…the Tenth Doctor is like the Fifth Doctor…very important difference. Have you seen “Time Crash”? It is basically a love letter to Five (MY Doctor)…and Ten explains that he patterned himself after the Fifth Doctor…”you know what Doctor, you were my Doctor.”

And…he wore the celery because it would turn purple when it was exposed to certain gases that he was allergic to. That is clearly explained to Peri in “Caves of Androzani”.

21 12 2012

And then he would eat it, yes.

6 10 2012

The Fifth Doctor is NOT like the Tenth Doctor…the Tenth Doctor is like the Fifth Doctor…very important difference. Have you seen “Time Crash”? It is basically a love letter to the Fifth Doctor (yes, MY Doctor), and the Tenth Doctor explains that he patterned himself after him–the running shoes, the brainy specs, the dashing around, etc….”you know what Doctor, you were my Doctor”.

And…the Fifth Doctor wore the celery because it would turn purple if it was exposed to certain gases that he was allergic to. He explains that to Peri in “Caves of Androzani”.

I do agree with you that the Tenth Doctor was at his best with Donna. She is my all time favourite companion, and I really think she brought out the best in him…my favourite Ten season was the one with Donna. I really wish there was a way to bring her back, (even if only as special guest during the 50th anniversary shows) and have her remember The Doctor. The end of her story broke my heart, and I would love to see her interact with The Doctor again. “Oi, sunshine!” 🙂

My 3 favourite Doctors are Five, Eleven and Nine. I was surprised by how quickly I took to Eleven…I just loved him immediately. I think Matt Smith’s portrayal is amazing, and I am really glad that he will be The Doctor during the 50th anniversary season. As far as Nine goes, Christopher Eccleston is one of my favourite actors and I was thrilled when I found out that the show was coming back with him as The Doctor. He may have only been The Doctor for one season, but I think it was the most consistently good season of the show I’ve ever seen.

21 12 2012

I agree with you. Actually, he reminded me of the Fourth Doctor. The whole “humans are awesome” thing? Ark in Space. And all that grinning. 😀

6 10 2012
Mark Morey

More like it.

7 10 2012

“And when I watched the first serie and Baker regenerated in Mc Coy I was speechless” – Baker never filmed that scene – he declined to do it, so McCoy played both Doctor’s for the regeneration scene. Rather enjoyed your list though! 🙂

8 10 2012

Yes. I made some mistakes. I know them. The only thing I wanted to say is just that IMO Fivey and Ten are equal.
Btw, One is higher now and Ten is not one of my fav anymore. But I LOVEEEE Troughton. Still the best!

18 02 2012

Thanks Valeya and thanks for sharing your opinions! I think it’s testament to the stamina of the show how you can take almost any Doctor Who fan and they will rank their love of each Doctor differently. Those changes throughout the years are definitely a large part of what keeps the show very interesting I think. Poor Colin Baker! haha He’s such a nice guy, but I don’t know anyone who would rate him much higher than 11th on a list. I’m sure there’s someone out there who loves him. I agree with you on Amy and Rory, they haven’t been amazing companions. Some of their stories I’m really interested in and I like the whole River Song storyline, but mostly they don’t do much for me. There’s always something about your first doctor too! I really like McCoy as well and think the Ace storylines are tons of fun. Unfortunately for me, I am American and was born in 1983, so I didn’t really have a Doctor Who outlet. McCoy would have been my doctor had I known about it, but I would have been quite young even during his final tenure. I didn’t find out about the Doctor until just a couple years ago and began with the new series with Eccleston and then have gone back through the whole canon. I really need to give Tom Baker more chance I think, because so many people love him so. Maybe I’ve just seen some of the lesser serials from his era. Tennant and Troughton are both brilliant to me as well, and totally agree that if more of Troughton’s serials were available, he very well could become interchangeable with Tennant for me. Thanks again for sharing!

18 02 2012

I agree with everything. And I’m not British. It should be Tom Baker my first, he was on air in France when I was 3-4 (early 90’s) but I remember Mc Coy, I don’t know why. I remember his clothes and Ace. I didn’t remember aliens and the TARDIS, or time and space. Funny thing the memory…

I like River Song, … With Ten. Poor girl, just when she dies. But I was disappointed, when Amy said that the name of her daughter is Melody. I made the link melody/river on my own. And I was ashamed when I realised that I like the Impossible Astronaut just because Mark Sheppard is in. I really like him. Sorry Rory, Amy, Doctor and River.
And that’s just too weird the wedding, etc…
But Matt Smith is good. When he is in the pandorica for the big bang, I was “god! The doctor is back!” and no… Well, I like the episode with Van Gogh too. But that’s it.

Poor Colin Baker lol. But I like the audio books and comics, and in the fan comic The Ten Doctors he’s awesome. Even if 4 said to 5 “when you will regenerate, please, punch yourself in the nose” lol

Anyway, such a good tv show.
Nice day 🙂

19 02 2012

Enjoyed this list. I am usually respectfull of just about anyone’s opinion, so I enjoy seeing a different take on things. I mean sure, it definitely came as somewhat of a shock to see Tom Baker at #9, but it was shocking in a good way, despite the fact I would personally rank Tom Baker as #1. But hey, here’s a shock for you: I don’t think Colin Baker is the worst! In fact, I don’t think there’s been a bad doctor, so I prefer to say “least best” in place of “worst”. With Colin Baker, he had a lot working against him: bad scripts, horrible outfits, Bonnie Langford (who also plagued McCoy during his first season), etc. And yes, his doctor was the least likeable of any other doctor. But I think if you really watch those epsidoes, it is Colin’s performance that really made it all bearable. And that goes ditto for Paul McGann. I think that McGann’s performance as the doctor made that very poor t.v. movie watchable. The difference is, Paul McGann did once, whereas Colin Baker did it consistently for two or three seasons. And that is why I would go with Paul McGann at #11 and Colin Baker at #10. And if you’re interested in the rest of my list, it goes as follows:

#9 & 8. Jon Pertwee & Patrick Troughton
In my defense, I love both based on what little I’ve seen so far and they could both easily move up the list eventually, but I just haven’t seen enough epsiodes from either one yet to justify ranking either one very much higher than this.

7. Sylvester McCoy
He’s good, but he’s just kind of there. Know what I mean?

6. Peter Davison
Probably the most underrated doctor in a way. Though personally, next to Bonnie Langford, I think Adric might be the most annoying companion ever.

5. William Hartnell
He was really good, and the first actor to play the role. For that reason alone, I feel like he should always be included in or near the top five.

4. Matt Smith
Took almost his whole first season, but what can I say? He grew on me! And I like Amy and Rory a little more than you and Valeya.

3. Christopher Eccleston
He was my first Doctor, though like you, not quite MY doctor as they say. I will say that he’s a very underrated actor and probably the best actor to take on the role to date. The problem with him is that the quality of most of his episodes were kind of in the middle (meaning somewhere between the worst of the worst and the best of the best). Also, a v-neck shirt and leather jacket don’t quite fit the character. Seemed to me like they tried a little hard to make him cool and modern, know what I mean?

2. David Tennant
“I don’t wanna’ go!” Yeah, I teared up a little bit, so what?! You pretty much hit the nail on the head with why he was so great (except for the whole “I don’t know whether I’ll ever like an actor in the role as much as I enjoyed Tennant” thing, since I clearly liked one more better. lol).

1. Tom Baker
You actually pretty much listed many of the reasons why I love Baker so much. The only difference is that it didn’t work for you and it did work for me. I love everything about his character (namely his look, outfit and personality) and I love everything about just about every one of his episodes. Even the at-times-awful special effects work for me! Could have done without K-9 though.

So that’s my list. Would love yours or anyone else’s thoughts on it. Have a good one!

15 07 2013

I agree with this, but I would switch David and Christopher. I think you nailed it, in my opinion.

19 02 2012

Hey Russ, thanks so much for sharing!! I think you bring up a great point and I completely agree, “worst” shouldn’t be the proper distinction. For titling sake, it just made it easier, but I don’t think Colin was terrible and I definitely don’t regret his being the Doctor. Each Doctor definitely brought something to the table and his episodes were plaqued with many things as you mentioned. I really wish McGann could have had a second go at it, I think I’m a bit biased though because I just love McGann as an actor in general. Getting to see him as the Doctor was amazing for me and with Withnail and I being one of my favorite comedies of all-time, it was just a magical pairing in my book. Maybe he will make a return one day in a multi-Doctor episode….at least I can dream haha!

I think Pertwee and Troughton will grow on you some after awhile, I’ll be interested to hear what you think after you watch a few more of their episodes. I totally agree with your assumption on Matt Smith as well! The Van Gogh episode during season 5 was the first episode that I was like, “OK, he’s the Doctor, and I like him as the Doctor.” I think he took the longest for me to warm up to, but I will definitely miss him now come regeneration time. It’s so interesting to see others’ lists and see why they liked each Doctor and really amazing that the exact same reasons might work perfectly for one person and not so much for the next. I commend the show to no end for giving us such a diverse range of personalities playing, essentially, the same role and the premise of the show I think could really be never ending. I mean, you have ALL of time and space to set any story! In the short time I’ve been a Doctor Who fan, I’ve definitely grown to super fandom with this television show. In fact, I just bought the Doctor Who pinball machine from Bally 1992! The ultimate piece of fan memorabilia for a man cave! Thanks again, Russ, and come back to follow up on Pertwee and Troughton – would be really interested to hear!

19 02 2012

Boy, it sure is nice to be able to share opinions with others in a pleasant manner! This is totally uncharacteristic for an internet comments section! LOL If only not for that first douche!

Anyway, I’ll be more than happy to share my opinions of Pertwee and Troughton after delving into their eras a little further. Probably be a little while though. After devouring so much of the series over the past several months and yet still having such a long way to go, I think I’m gonna take a little break from it so as not to get too burnt out on the show. I wish I hadn’t rushed through all the new so quickly, since I’m all caught up on them and have to wait until fall for the new season!

I’m glad you agree with my whole “least best” point. I originally came up with that for James Bond, as I feel the exact same way about that character, which is ironic since the two characters actually have a lot in common.

If you’re ever interested in doing a similar list, I’d be interested to know you’re “Top (insert number here) Companions”. Haven’t seen too many of those.

19 02 2012

Companions? Oh my god. Good point, but we’ve got to forget some of them, like Katerina, Sarah etc… They are too manyyy. And first question, does K9 count? Lol
I can’t do it now, I need to check some of them. but anyway I like everything you said.
And you are right for Colin baker, too.
And you, what do you think for those you know? 🙂

20 02 2012

K-9? Sure, why not! LOL

Well, from the companions I’ve seen – and remember, I have seen very few episodes from either Patrick Troughton or Jon Pertwee – my favorites, in no particular order are probably, Ace, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones (who, in my opinion, is also the sexiest companion ever 🙂 ), Ian and Barbara, and Sarah Jane Smith. Nothing too out of the ordinary I suppose. I actually haven’t seen too many that I disliked. I even liked Donna Noble (but then again, I really like Catherine Tate, so I’m probably biased – LOL).

Bottom three are easily K-9 (although I did kind of like him in that Tennant episode where he meets back up with Sarah Jane at that school), Mel and Adric. To be honest with you, I actually hate Adric more than K-9 and Mel combined, and that is saying A LOT!

26 09 2012
mr opinion

Of course K-9 is a companion, he was modelled after “man’s best friend”, so he counts and I agree with you on that, but bottom 3??? How could you say that!
K-9 was the number one and best companion. Here, I will demonstrate with a simple proof to illustrate why….

“Attention companions!” (and here I am using the TARDIS P.A. system to address all companions from past, present, and future at once).
“All of you who can kill bad guys by shooting laser beams out of your nose, please take one step forward.”

As we can all see from this experiment, K-9 wins. And I know some of you will argue that the one with the pair of most fabulous breasts, or cutest smile, or sexiest leather outfit easily trumps laser beams out of the pointy nose of a robot dog – but remember not all of the bad guys are men, and some are of an undefinable sexual orientation. Ergo K-9 wins!

26 09 2012

Nah! Jamie’s the best!
He wears a kilt. Not a lot of man can wear a kilt like him lol.
Oh and the Brig. Don’t you forget the brig! He’s got a moustache. And an eyepatch too (well… In a way!) before it was cool!

And K9 knows anything about tennis now.

2 08 2013

K-9 is the best.I don’t even know how to discribe my feeling for him:).

20 02 2012

I totally agree on Adric! My God, was that the most annoying companion ever. For me, I liked Jamie from Troughton years a lot, Rose Tyler (she was my crush – I think Billie Piper is beautiful in a very unique way), Ace (her and McCoy’s chemistry onscreen was great), Jo from Pertwee years I really enjoyed, Ian and Barbara, of course Sara Jane Smith, Zoe (Troughton years) was fun, and Peri Brown was nice to look at though she wasn’t necessarily one of my favorite companions. Hard to narrow down though! I really like Jack Harkness too, but I think a lot of it stems from Torchwood which develops the character more, though the overt focus on sexuality in his character becomes a little trite at times. Also, though not technically a companion, I would have to give an honorary nod to Brigadier Lethridge-Stewart played by the late great Nicholas Courtney.

I might write up a Best of the Companions post one of these days, but do want to make sure that I’ve seen at least one episode from all the companions to give a fair shake. Right now, looking on wikipedia, I’ve seen episodes from most, but there are a few that I still have yet to experience.

20 02 2012

Haha. I agree too, but that’s ok, he dies lol, even if it’s sad I was like “karma is a bitch, mate!”, then Amy Pond… I cannnnn’t.

I like Ian too, Steven the stubborn too, Zoe, I loooove Jamie, Sarah Jane of course, K9 in his way, he’s weird and he’s a “dogbot”, I can forgive him, Perry, Ace, Rose was cool, Martha too, but poor girl, she loves the doctor who loves someone else (we can mention when the Master is in London and when there is a sort of chase against the Doctor, Martha, and Jack, Jack talk about that the doctor doesn’t see how Martha and him feel about the doc.)
Donna is amazing lol.

I need to check the others… 🙂

21 12 2012

Well, at least you’re willing to go through the process of researching and watching all of them before you decide. Some people are too quick to judge.

19 04 2012
Aziz Mohemmad

Really? David Tennant is the highest? And Tom Baker is placed that low? Do you even watch Doctor Who? This list is retarded, for lack of a better word. I suggest you watch some actual, classic episodes, not Matt Smith and David Tennant.

21 12 2012

An opinion that doesn’t agree with yours isn’t stupid or wrong unless you can prove it factually incorrect with examples. A list of what a person likes most cannot be proven wrong or right because it is too subjective.

2 07 2012

I know this is just your opinion but for me, you got it all wrong. I have seen 7 doctors, this is how it goes for me:
7: Sylvester McCoy
6: Colin Baker
5: Peter Davison
4: Christopher Eccleson
3: Tom Baker
2: Matt Smith
1: David tennant!!!!!
(just my opinion though)

4 07 2012

I just love this fandom. That’s just great everybody got a different point of view.
Now and just now, you’ve got to see Bill, Pat, Jon and Paul to compare :))

For me, Matt Smith is the worst. That’s odd when I can see he’s very Troughton-ish but anyway I hate him and his stories too, and his companion Amy. Just to compare I prefer Susan and Adric. That means a lot lol.

21 12 2012

I have a love-hate relationship with this fandom. Some jerks just have to try and ruin it for everybody just because someone doesn’t agree with him or things were done different to what he wanted. ::sigh:: Other than that, it’s awesome.

4 07 2012

here’s mine, excluding Paul McGann cuz I haven’t seen the movie…

1. Sylvester McCoy
2. Patrick Troughton
3. William Hartnell
4. Christopher Eccleston
5. Jon Pertwee
6. Colin Baker
7. Tom Baker
8. Peter Davison
9. David Tennant
10. Matt Smith

9 07 2012

I love this list! It’s brilliant. I completely agree about Tennant, too. Especially since he had wanted to be the Doctor since he was little and watching Davison/Baker, etc. The fact that he actually got to do it and then did it so PERFECTLY astonishes me and I definitely love him the most for that. HOWEVER! I’m not going to put him as better than my other favorite Doctors, I’m just not a list person. Davison and Eccleston are my doctors, too. Davison is exactly what Tennant tried to do, and why not?! That was his favorite Doctor! So, definitely props to the original. 😀 Then Eccleston, whom not a lot of people warm up to or like, was perfect. I know he was kind of an emotional wreck but think about the Time Lord story. He’s lost everyone and everything and he’s completely alone (and probably very tired and hopeless) and he is at this point just surviving. Then there’s Rose…and she helps him and then he changes a lot when she looks into the heart of the TARDIS. (I’m talking per-regeneration here, not actual regenerating.) THEN THERE’S TENNANT AGAIN! 😀 I think a lot of what Eccleston did and the changes he went through and then the changes he continued to go through as the next Doctor are what make him great. Watching these Doctors grow is an amazing experience.

I do not care for Tom Baker or Smith, however. I mean, I don’t hate them. I could never hate a Doctor (yep, that’s right, I don’t even hate Colin.) But with Baker, I get confused sometimes and wonder just what it is that he is doing. With Smith I feel like I got cheated out of something. That’s probably just the feelings I still have for the tenth doctor, but I’m into the 6th series and you’d think that he could have impressed me by now. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something.

Plus, I don’t care anything for Amelia Pond (and I said that in a snark manner in my head) Rory is alright for his dedication and whatnot. I ADORE RIVER. If I have ever loved anyone as much as I love her I haven’t been aware of it. She’s just amazing. And she gets rid of all of Eleven’s STUPID hats. (MAJOR LOVE for that)

Rose and Donna (as well as Sarah Jane) are my favorite companions 🙂 They’re all so lovely.

2 08 2013

Tennant is most likely my favorite doctor.Rose,Sarah Jane,and Martha were great ,but then theres DONNA.To me Donna you can’t compare her to the rest.When she had her memory erased I cried so much inside my head.I might have really teared up a bit:(.All the companions were amazing.

14 07 2012

Having seen every episode except the lost ones (and I’ve heard all of those on audio put with still photos), here is my ranking:

(11) Peter Davison – He was a bit harsher with his companions at time, and maybe I was a little bitter that Tom Baker had left the role, but I just never warmed up to him. His antagonism with Turlough didn’t help the series for me.
(10) Paul McGann – He just wasn’t in the role long enough for me to like him. He was also the first doctor to become romantically involved with a companion, and that was very un-Doctorish to me.
(9) Jon Pertwee – He was hamstrung by the BBC when he was confined to Earth. Bessie was a bit of an indulgence, and she all but disappeared from the series after Pertwee left. Planet of the Spiders is one of the all-time greatest Doctor Who serials though!
(8) Matt Smith – I rated him much higher in his first two episodes, but he became an almost secondary character to Amy Pond very quickly. I love Amy, but am only lukewarm on the Eleventh Doctor. With a change in companions, we’ll see if he starts climbing the list again.
(7) Colin Baker – He was a refreshing change from the Peter Davison years for me. I also loved the interactions he had with Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor in the Two Doctors. He was really hurt by the trial scripts that introduced Mel out of the blue and really mucked with the viewer’s timeline and chronology. If he’d had more episodes like those of his first season, he might have done well.
(6) Christopher Eccleston – His short tenure radically changed the Doctor’s personal history, and he was a bit schizophrenic for me. He had some very Doctorish moments, though, such as telling Rose: “You were fantastic! And you know what? So was I!”
(5) William Hartnell – He defined the original character of the Doctor, and even some of the Doctor’s current idiosyncrasies can be traced to Hartnell. He was certainly the hardest Doctor to like personally, but he warmed up over his tenure. We wouldn’t be enjoying Doctor Who today if it wasn’t for Hartnell.
(4) Patrick Troughton – Perhaps the most lovable of the Doctors, Troughton doesn’t make the Top Three cut only because of the quality of the Top Three. He had the most difficult task of any actor playing the Doctor, because he was the first person to have to assume the role of the Doctor from someone else. The glimpse he sees of the First Doctor in the mirror just after the regenration was a symbolic passing of the torch.
(3) Sylvester McCoy – He brought out the dark side of the Doctor, and gave him a whole new dimension. He was a bit bumbling in his first season, but he really owned the role in the last two seasons. He was also part of the most awesome regeneration when he regenerated into the Eighth Doctor in the morgue.
(2) Tom Baker – I never thought he would ever fall from #1 on my list. He was my first Doctor back in the beginning of the 1980s on PBS, and I loved his goofiness. When I compare other Doctors, Tom Baker is the standard for what the Doctor should be to me.
(1) David Tennant – I was initially skeptical as the Eccleston-Tennant regeneration approached. Could the new series pull off the regenration and sell it to a whole new audience? Then the regeneration occurred and Tennant’s first lines, followed by the Doctor’s grin, immediately won me over: “Hello…OK, new teeth, that’s weird! So where was I? Oh, that’s right…Barcelona!” Then over the next four years, he redefined the Doctor in so many familiar ways. Today, he is my standard. Like the rest of the world, his last line was so poignant to me: “I don’t want to go!” Poor Matt Smith has some big shoes to fill.

14 07 2012

I know when 9 regenerated I was like…uhm…where is MY Doctor going…and then 10 quoted The Lion King. That was probably the moment I fell in love with the 10th Doctor.

21 12 2012

That part made me giggle. I recognized the lyrics right away.

1 01 2013


21 07 2012

Well truth be told I partially stopped reading this after i saw Tom Baker was on the 9th place and I was tempted to doing so by the placing of William Hartnell in 10th place but read the rest when i deiced to make a post.

As some one who grew up with William Hartnell as a six year old kid and Tom Baker as a 10 year old i simply can’t accept this and nether can the general public who has voted Tom Baker as best doctor for years now until the appearance of David tenant.

However I am of the opinion that its not just to rank the doctors like this at all because each one of them had a different style and era to him.

I respect your opinion on the matter as i would respect my own but i as some one who grew up with Tom Baker, William Hartnell and John Pertwee i can’t accept this list. Besides this Era saw some of the best written stories of doctor who and actors like Tom Baker made the part their own.

my own list would be like this:

1st place: Tom Baker, David Tennant, Jon Pertwee
each one has a different style and charm which made the part their own and gave a superb performance along with well written stories especially in Tom Bakers case due to no small part of his own character as the Doctor.
2nd place: Patrick Troughton, Sylvester McCoy, William Hartnell
while i like each in his own way and all three acted the part well they are out shined by the above in 1st place especially in style and charm department. so many episodes of Patrick Troughton era are missing but i learned to admire his acting as the doctor by those which i saw. Sylvester had a misleading start as the doctor but once he got the part he proved to be quite and interesting doctor. I imagine my placing John Hartnell in second place is more about the doctors who came after him then his own performance and the immense difficulties of the original series.
3rd place: Christopher Eccleston, Colin Baker, Peter Davison
I do not dislike any of the doctors but these three didn’t speak to me personally however i appreciated Colin Bakers performance because it was quite good actually and was a novelty among the doctors. Peter Davison i used to enjoy a lot more when i was younger but less so in my teens, my father who is of the generation which saw the first airing of doctor who back in 1963 never liked him but i think he had his moments and that he delivered a solid performance. Christopher Eccleston i feel never established a solid style for his character as the doctor but this was also a positive and not only a negative however once i got used to David Tennant Christopher Eccleston was greatly out shined by David’s performance.
4th place: Matt Smith
i do not dislike any of the doctors; each has his own way of acting the part and his own positives and negatives but i simply could not get into Matt Smith as the doctor. I admit that this is mainly because of David Tennant’s performance but its also as a result of Matt Smiths appearance and less of a individual style as the doctor in my opinion. While it is not entirely because of him and in fact less so then from other causes i could not keep interest with the series mainly because of the story which in my opinion lost track of things but also due to Matt’s performance as the doctor somewhat.

Paul McGann is a brilliant actor but i feel i did not know him long enough as the doctor to pass comment and besides my memory of that film is rather weak as i did not watch the film in nine years.

by the way i am actually 18 now however my dad made sure i grew up with the classics.

21 07 2012

Look i’ve seen all the classics, even the reconstructed. We can make a list if we want to. And to be honest, why I dislike tom baker: 7 years! 7! Too long for me. He was brilliant and the stories were brilliant too but he stayed too many years.

There’s no point in saying that you can’t accept that we don’t put Tom baker on the top of the list. That’s the thing with doctor who: you can have your opinion. But you MUST accept what other people think. I can watch and listen all the Troughon (even the lost ones, some brilliant stories!!!) and Pertwee stories, but Tom baker I don’t care.

24 07 2012

What i meant was i personally can’t accept it but come to think about it you are correct that Tom Baker stayed in the part for far too long.

Please forgive me but when you grow up with some things one can become very touchy about them lol

additionally doctor who ((originals) was and is the only thing i have ever been a fan of

25 07 2012

Thanks, Steve. Don’t really concur with your choices however they support my theory that many people’s favorites are the doctors they were first exposed to. That partially explains why Tom Baker is constalntly a favorite, because had the role for so long.

Davision in my favorite and first exposure to the Doctor. He had the best set of companions and also showed most compassion (imho!). Tom Baker would be second and I even liked Colin’s quirkyness (“I am the Doctor… whether you like it or not”). – Rich

29 07 2012

I haven’t seen any of the older episodes, so I honestly can’t say much of anything on the first eight Doctors, but out of the three Doctors I do know, I will agree wholeheartedly with David Tennant in the number 1 spot! He will always be MY Doctor! I even put off watching his regeneration for the longest time – knowing it would absolutely kill me to watch him actually leave. And it did. Sobbed pretty much the whole way through.

2 08 2012

I like your list but I would have given Tom baker Mcoy/Mcgann spot. Th only reason for him to replace Mcgann is I don’t consider him a doctor. I don’t know why but I believe that his one shot movie in order to save to series was a valiant attempt but ended upping being futile

2 09 2012

I just finished the Armageddon Factor last night, finishing off the whole of the “Key to Time” season. As mentioned in an above comment, Tom Baker has definitely grown on me a bit more since I composed this list, especially with this last season I watched him through. It would still be hard for me though, because something about the McCoy/Ace relationship I really liked, and to be perfectly honest, I am a Withnail and I fanatic, so I will admit – I may be a little biased towards McGann haha!

11 08 2012

This list stinks

14 08 2012

I would always give Tom baker the 1st place even if i grew up with William Hartnell and john Pertwee (my father introduced me to doctor who with the first Dalek episode when i was 6 at about 1999-2000) I liked Davision when I was younger and I still do to some extent however Tom Baker even if he was on the show for a long time simply made every episode of his great even if the story wasn’t always of high quality. The only thing that annoyed me in Tom Baker’s time was Davors who in his first episode was a great character but became the focus point of all dalek stories which was highly irritating. If i where to choose my favorite dalek Era it would be Hartnell’s and Pertwee’s.

18 08 2012

I feel as though I am in a minority but I prefer the First Doctor William Hartnell. I love classic B movies, and the Hartnell serials are a B goldmine. I also appreciate that Hartnell is not necessarily a “kind hearted do-gooder” like so many of the Doctors after him were.

22 08 2012

Yeahhhh I agree.

I just love Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee!

21 12 2012

I wish I could see more of them.

30 08 2012

I’m way late on this, but I just had to respond because your list is the first that breaks the mold of “Tom is the best, if you’re not fond of him, you’re not a real fan” ridiculousness.

I personally wouldn’t put Tom *quite* so low, but he’s not at all my favorite. Though, thanks to Big Finish, there’s no longer a Doctor that I really dislike. I just like some less than others.

11. William Hartnell – As fun as he was at the end, it was a little bit too little too late when it comes to getting me to warm up to him after the kind of person he was at the beginning. This is the man who kidnapped his first human companions to keep them from telling the authorities, and then sabotaged his own ship to have an excuse not to leave when everyone else wanted to go.

10. Sylvester McCoy – I’m fond of him, and the actor is awesome, but… emotionally torturing your companion to manipulate her into going into a certain direction in her life takes him down several rankings in the list. Especially since his companion was just a sixteen-year-old girl. However, at his best, he was a ton of fun, so he gets to be one notch above the bottom.

9. Jon Pertwee – Again, he was a charming fellow, but if I wanted to watch James Bond, I’d watch James Bond, not a kid’s show knockoff. The later years were a lot better, though. The UNIT era just bored me. And people complain that New Who spends too much time on Earth. These people must not have watched the first half of the Pertwee era.

8. Tom Baker – Okay, I put him close to the same place as you do. He is, of course, the iconic Doctor for an entire generation, thanks to being around so long most kids in that era only ever knew him as the Doctor, and were teenagers by the time it changed. There’s no doubt that he was fun, sassy, crazy and freewheeling, but he stayed way too long. By the end of his tenure, both he and his Doctor seemed to not give a damn anymore. Earlier in his incarnation, when something serious was going down, he’d drop the goofball act and get serious. As time went on, however, I started wondering if he even cared that people are dying or about to die around him. Wisecracking is fine, but there’s a time and a place. And don’t give me that “alien” business. He’s managed to understand both before and after his Fourth incarnation, so there’s really no excuse.

7. Matt Smith – This is not an indictment of the actor at all. I *really* like him, and was *very* excited when I saw that he had been chosen. He was fantastic in Ruby in the Smoke, Shadow in the North and Party Animals. My problem is purely how he’s being written. Is it just me, or does the Eleventh Doctor seem supremely…incompetent? He seems to me like he hit his head on the console mid-regeneration. How do you spend an entire incarnation being an obsessive fan of a posh Earth sport, and yet another incarnation doesn’t know that football isn’t “the one with the sticks”? Again, this isn’t just him being alien. He *already* knew these things. He’s known nearly everything you can know about Earth and humanity for almost his entire life. Why is it that he’s suddenly forgotten basics such as methods of greeting in 21st century England? How the hell do you forget how to shake someone’s hand? I love Matt Smith’s performance. I just with the writing didn’t portray him as so stupid. He’s not.

6. Peter Davison – Here’s where it started getting hard. We’ve reached the “Doctors I unabashedly love to death, but have to rank *somehow*” section of my list. I think part of the reason I don’t rank Fivey higher is his companions. No other Doctor was stuck with such a large variety of irritating people as he was. From sulking teenage geniuses, to screeching harridans, to pouty boys trying to kill him, to a whining woman with a horrendous American accent. On TV, he only had one companion who was worth anything, and she got drowned out by the drama of Tegan, Adric and Turlough. And dealing with all of them left him seeming a bit shrill and irritable after a while. Then again, so would I if I had to deal with a Tegan-Adric tag team all the time.

5. Patrick Troughton – Really, the only reason he’s this low, because there’s so little left of his stuff. What is left, though, is really good. He had great companions and his personality was pleasant, fun and just a joy to watch. I just feel like I didn’t get the chance to know him more.

4. Colin Baker – Colin being this high for me is a testament to the amazing talent of the Big Finish crew. They took a Doctor that was once the only one I actively *dis*liked, and made him one of my favorites, *without* making any unrealistic changes to his character. He’s still arrogant, but slightly less so, (and when it gets too overblown, someone in the story tends to be there to puncture his big head, usually his companion) and it’s tempered a lot by a tender heart he’d been hiding most of his TV time. The outright cruelty to his companions is gone, which was my biggest beef against him. And, like most Doctors, he can be rude, but it doesn’t have that tinge of vindictiveness that it used to have. In short, he went from being a dick to being a darling, and they still managed to make the transition realistic.

3. Christopher Eccleston – See, I liked his shifts in mood. It felt to me like it was intended as a portrayal of the Doctor not quite knowing how to move forward with his life after the Time War. He’d have a moment where he felt like he could be goofy, and then suddenly something would come down on him like a sledgehammer and his mood would flip. It really gave him a PTSD feel, the poor guy. And really, he gets to be this high on the list just on his performance in “Dalek” and “Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways” alone.

2. Paul McGann – Here’s another who was saved by Big Finish. Without them, he would have been relegated to one really terrible, nonsensical story with a really crappy Master and terrible acting around him. (You’re right, though. He was absolutely the best thing of the TV movie.) His stories in Big Finish, however, have expanded Eight’s life and given him the glorious highs and lows that would make the Tenth Doctor blush. He also doesn’t just stay the same, either. He’s one of the few Doctors that goes through actual character development. While most Doctors tend to be the same when they “die” as they were when they were “born”, Eight has been slowly molded through events in his storyline from a tender, gentle, light-hearted Victorian-style gentleman to a harder, more cynical, more intense man who he would need to be once the Time War begins.

1. David Tennant – My goodness, this guy. His Doctor is a perfect storm of some of the best and most diverse acting the show has ever seen, combined with some of the best and most heartfelt writing the show has seen since the 60’s. Ten seems damn close to perfection to me. He is happy with being silly, and yet he knows when to drop it when the shit starts hitting the fan. He’s rude and arrogant, but usually to people who deserve it, rather than a poor companion who’s just trying to understand what’s going on. He still has that “alien” off-center feel to him, and yet not *so* much that he seems like he’s suffered a brain injury. Also, it just strikes me how bloody *impressive* he is. When the time calls for it, he has this majesty about him that puts you utterly at ease and ready to believe that everything will be okay because he is there. There are some other Doctors (namely Four and Eleven) where I’m not so sure I’d feel quite as confident that the Doctor will save the day, either out of disinterest or just plain incompetence. And the most impressive part of it all is that Tennant was able to portray all of this without saying a word. He could fire his lines off as fast as you needed him to, but even the moments when he was silent spoke volumes through those eyes of his. Every joy or torment was right there. I miss him a lot. I don’t think I’ve cried at a character’s death on television quite so much before.

2 09 2012

Thanks for the detailed response! This has turned out to be one of the most popular posts on my blog, and I couldn’t be happier, because I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan. It’s so interesting to me, hearing how and why each doctor did or did not mean something to different people. It truly reveals a little piece of the magic of the show, and how all these characterizations of the same protagonist touch us each just a little differently. I think it’s part of why this show continues to truck on, outside of the brief hiatuses (at least in regards to the overall length of the show), and will hopefully for many seasons to come!

21 12 2012

This I agree with. 🙂

15 09 2012

I’m very new to this series, and this list really helped me alot in choosing which doctor i should follow first. Thank you for helping me! I decided I would start with David Tennant I just bought the second series and third series I am very excited to watch!

21 12 2012

I would have started with 9 as some friends advised me, though I admit that the first episode I ever saw of any of it, long before I ever got into it, was a bit from The Sound of Drums as I was flipping channels, making 10 my first Doctor. (Having no context for what I was seeing back then made The Master terrifying.)

24 09 2012

I don’t know why a lot of people love Matt Smith so much. I have friends who love him or hate him and I have to agree he is on the bottom five of my list. He just doesn’t do anything that screams “Doctor” to me.

21 12 2012

I like him because he’s what TV Tropes calls “adorkable”. I don’t *love* him, he’s not *my* Doctor but I certainly do like him.

24 09 2012
Amy pond

I agree with you 99% I think Matt would be second for me, but over all, you did a great basic summary on the doctors and the perspective you see them as

25 09 2012
mr opinion

Thanks for starting this, it’s a fun discussion. Umm, but here is why 90% of you are wrong about DT (he is so bad, just typing his name would be like nails on a chalk board in my brain – arrhhhhhggg! – so I insist on only using initials).

DT just got the character so wrong and so bad from an acting perspective, because he totally and completely misses the Doctor Who essence. The writing was great, Piper was nice to look at, but the essential point was- Dr. Who was not human!

The Doctor was not from earth – he was a 900 year old alien with all of time and space running thru his head. DT played the character as a gay man immitating Austin Powers while Austin pretends to be a knight of the round table in full battle armor swinging around a ridiculous sword – badly! WTF was this???

Totally human, totally over-acted, and totally acted the wrong way! There was no hint of incomprehensible alien intellect in his head, only the impression that his head was empty while he screamed and shouted with over-the-top cheesy emotional over-acting.

Eccleston came so close to being brilliant in his interpretation of the character, because he tried to act the character in a way that was not human, with emotions that were odd or out of place for a human. Just the way he would smile and say hello at the oddest times in the plot got the character so close to being right. So alien, with the hint of a deeper understanding of what was really going on with all the possible outcomes of time and space going thru his head. Almost brilliant, just needed another season or two to perfect his character (and maybe a few wardrode and makeup changes lol he was funny looking!). But then along came the Geico lizzard incarnate (DT) to shame the show.

25 09 2012

Let people think what they want to. No?
That’s the only thing I can say about Ten, he’s just too much human. But anyway I still think he’s brilliant. And I hate Piper and her character. Rose is good with Nine. And that’s it. Series 2 an 4, she’s awful. But that’s just what I think. I won’t dare to say I’m right and you lot are wrong.
That’s the thing with Doctor Who. Everything changes. It took series 5, 6, and to The Power of Three (even if I don’t really like this episode) to see The Doctor in Matt Smith. Because he’s trying to copy Troughton. The Almighty Troughon. Smith can be a good actor, but Troughton was marvellous. And that’s why I don’t like him. Then again, I won’t say you’re a retarded or absolutely wrong if you like Smith.

About the age, good lord. Six was 900 years old. Nine/Ten/Eleven are just too senile to remember their age lol.

30 10 2012

Wrong? How can you be “wrong” when expressing an opinion?

21 12 2012

Mr. Opinion, your name suits you.

“A gay man imitating Austin Powers”? I think you use “gay” in this case to mean “effeminate” but while I don’t think of him as extremely manly, I don’t see how he’s feminine. As for Austin Powers, I think he was a bit more competent than that. The “sword” thing is a reference to his fight against the Sycorax when he just regenerated, yes? I’m not a competent judge on sword skills but I’m sure they had someone choreographing that.

“[…] totally over-acted”? David Tennant is a very physical actor. Instead of going for subtlety and intensity and keeping some things inside, he goes out there and bares all in a strong performance but not leaving much for interpretation. Compare him and John Simm in this video of them both playing Hamlet:
It’s a case of “Red Oni, Blue Oni” (see TV Tropes) with David in the “red” and John in the “blue”. Not bad, merely different.

Of course David Tennant is going to be different to Christopher Eccleston, who played a more stoic, war-torn, doctor. The Tenth version is just beginning to get over the Ninth’s survivor’s guilt and hiding his darker side behind an impish grin. DT’s a good actor, I think, but his style’s not your thing. I disagree with the “Geico lizard” thing and that he “shame[d] the show”.

The 10th Doctor is my Doctor but I am not blind to his faults. He’s not perfect, and no intepretation of The Doctor is ever going to be for everyone, but there were the little things that told me that he’s an old alien from far away. Mostly they appeared during his serious moments but sometimes in his odder habits. Anyway, there’s no way you can say 90% of fans of Doctor Who are wrong. Just that many have a different view of things.

5 10 2012

I grew up in the 1980’s but I remember watching re-runs on PBS and I have to say my favorite Doctors in order would be Tom Baker, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, Patrick Troughton, William Hartnell, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Pertwee and then Matt Smith. I’m really not a fan of Matt Smith because I feel he is not really Doctor material.
1. Tom Baker was mainly the Doctor I grew up watching due to the re-runs
2. David Tennant was awesome because he gave the Doctor almost the same personality that Tom Baker and Peter Davidson gave the character.
3. Eccleston was the reboot Doctor and brought the series back, I wish he had done more than one season and then the lead into Tennant,
4. Troughton is just awesome not only because of Doctor Who but I’ve seen him in other movies (such as the original Omen),
5, Hartnell was well the first so I can’t say anything bad about him he did have some interesting adventures,
6. Peter Davidson: He was cool but the celery, what was with that?
7. Colin Baker: I’m sorry to say his outfit was like a bad acid trip
8. Sylvester McCoy: had some awesome companions but he was a little dry for my taste
9. Paul McGann: Again wasn’t my cup of tea
10: John Pertwee: something about his hair and outfit just got to me. Plus his “Judo” was only used with the 3rd Doctor and from what I remember The Doctor wasn’t a fighter.
11. Matt Smith: two words: Bow ties

2 08 2013

Eccleston really did need more seasons. 😦

6 10 2012

A “bad wrap” is a shoddy looking present, or fast food. A “bad rap” is a bad reputation.

This list is simply one person’s opinion and nothing more.

30 10 2012

Gee, you think?

6 10 2012

Interesting choices, unfortunately what many people fail to take into account is the time these programmes were shown. It started life as an experimental ‘educational’ programme, hence teachers, and Hartnell was the epitome of many Grandfathers of the day, we could identify with his sometimes grumpy but always wise, learned behaviour and his quirky sense of humour; but more than that his twinkle in his eye and the feeling of safety he oozed was paramount to the show being loved and therefore continued.

To judge them based on today is wrong, ideals have changed, technology has changed, the whole ethos of the show has changed to try and fit in. One has to remember that the Doctor is NOT human – he is a 900 – 1200 year old ALIEN. To put the most human Doctor(actor) at the top I suppose is understandable in a human sort of way, but as a portrayal of an Alien being 10 failed miserably, he was simply turned into a sort of James Bond character fighting the baddies.

I can also understand why Tom doesn’t come across so well to people who started with the 8th/9th but for those who had followed from the beginning he was everything the Doctor should be and his years were amazing.

The new Who took a different tack and (probably of necessity) made it more ‘soapish’ and commercialised which is one reason I think Matt has charmed the older ‘watchers’ and confused the newer ones, he is most definitely Alien, quirky, a fish out of water and a delight to watch.

I have no way of choosing the ‘best’ or the ‘worst’ they all have their flaws and all have their strengths and to try and divide them is unnecessary – the Doctor is the Doctor – good chap all of them!

6 10 2012

great list apart from getting 2nd mixed up with 3rd it’s nearly how i would put it great job

6 10 2012

Mine, influenced by 25 years of being a fan, of videos and DVDs, of novelisations and novels and magazines and comics. Of audio soundtracks and Big Finish advetures:

1- Sylvester McCoy
2- Patrick Troughton
3- Matt Smith
4- Peter Davison
5- Tom Baker
6- William Hartnell
7- Paul McGann
8- Jon Pertwee
9- Colin Baker
10- Christopher Eccleston

11- David Tennant.

I’d give reasons, but since I’ve had to explain myself as to why I disliked the Tenth Doctor for two years now (as it seems to be some sort of crime to dislike him), but I can’t be bothered.

2 12 2012

My ‘first’ Doctor was, and is, still my favourite Doctor – David Tennant. I do like Matt Smith though, but whenever someone mentions Doctor Who, I always think of Tennant.

21 12 2012

After seeing multiple episodes of each doctor, I can honestly say I agree with you for the most part. This would be my ranking (and what I sometimes call them) :

11) William Hartnell- The “Grandpa” Doctor. In many cases people say the original actor (or show) is always the best and should never be touched (like Sean Connery’s 007 or Rod Serling’s original Twilight Zone) this isn’t true with The Doctor. I found Hartnell’s performance very dreary and boring. I enjoyed Ian Chesterton more than I enjoyed watching Hartnell

10) Colin Baker-The “Nicolas Cage” Doctor. Gets a bad reputation because he’s in crap. But in reality, The show would be completely unbearable without him. His performance isn’t that orthodox to The Doctor’s personality but he was never boring to watch.

9) Christopher Eccleston-The “Bipolar Doctor” I enjoyed when he was witty and fun but his traumatic times were slightly off putting.

8) Sylvester McCoy-the “Sherlock Holmes” Doctor. He always enjoyed a good battle of wits and finding a way to win. Until recently I ranked him higher but after seeing The Hobbit I find that McCoy was better at playing a wizard on mushrooms than a centuries old Time Lord.

7) Matt Smith-The “X-Factor” Doctor (not the stupid Simon Cowell show). I like Smith. But it’s hard to explain why. He’s doing a good job and he’s fun to watch but I can’t rank him any higher. It has nothing to do with his predecessor. I think it’s just the writers. I’m not exactly fond of the direction they’ve been taking the show. But, just as well he’s doing very good and if the writers get back to misadventures instead of all Earth Based stuff, he might go up

6) Peter Davison-The “Third Porridge” Doctor. I find Davison very hard to judge. He fit the role just right. He doesn’t have much to complain about but he doesn’t have much to make him stand out from the rest. So, he goes in the middle.

5) Paul McGann-The “What Could Have Been” Doctor. There’s no question that McGann was brilliant as The Doctor, even within the dimension of crap acting and typical 90’s Special Effects he transported himself into. What McGann seemed to do was take the main quirks and idiosyncrasies of the previous Doctor’s and give them all his own little spin. McGann is very honest about not watching the show before he took the role but it’s obvious that he understood it better than almost any of the previous actors to take on the role.

4) Tom Baker-The “Crazy” Doctor. He was insane, and unlike his predecessor, did not understand Earth at all. But he was fun and enjoyable. Plus, “City of Death” might just be the best episode ever.

3) Patrick Troughton-The “Fun” Doctor. Troughton’s Doctor easily made a good impression on me from the very beginning since the first classic episode I saw was “The Three Doctors” He was just a very fun Doctor.

2) David Tennant-I just call him David Tennant. He was just excellent. But then again, he became an actor because this was the role he wanted since he was a child (or so he tells Jeremy Clarkson) He had some of the most memorable adventures and his Doctor saw the return of many lost enemies. The Cybermen, The Sontarans, and of course, The Master.

1) Jon Pertwee-Pertwee’s Doctor is very Sci-fi. A genius who’s also an eccentric tech-geek. He had a great dry and sarcastic wit about him and he was always eager to lend a hand. Plus, he had the the two greatest non-Doctor characters on the show. Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and Sarah-Jane Smith. Unfortunately, we lost both of these great characters in the same year. 2010 was truly the end of an era for Doctor Who.

23 12 2012

Whacha mean the rainbow infested disaster on Colin baker he my fave

28 12 2012
Bradley Wheat

Yes, you have this list all wrong. Colin Baker being last is about the only thing you got right. You are probably a teenager who has never even watched most of the older episodes.

28 12 2012

I’m almost 30 and have probably seen more classic Who than you. I own every episode released including restorations from lost episodes. Only thing that has changed slightly since I posted this list in my opinion, which is all this list can be, therefore subjective, is that Tom Baker would move up a few spots for me.

28 12 2012

I really want to know why people are so upset when the list isn’t like their own………

DW fandom is great. But sometimes………

Where are you now? Fivey and his celeri?
I’ve finished all the episodes and you can be sure I’m waiting for the reign of terror in anime now! I’m curious actually.

What about a Top 3 of the episodes by doctor? x) merry Christmas (a bit late) and happy new year 🙂

29 12 2012

We’re jumping around a lot, so it’s kind of hard to gauge. Each Doctor we are watching their serials in order, but we’ll go from 3 to 6 to 4 to 7….all over the map. Though you loose some of the linearity of the show, it’s been fun going back and forth so you’re favorite Doctors don’t get “watched out” too fast.

29 12 2012
Bradley Wheat

Considering I am 35 and have seen every episode that is not lost, and have listened to the audio on those, it is an impossibility for you to have seen more classic Who than me.

29 12 2012

Ohhhhh, Now, I like it. I’m 23. Seen them all. Listen them all from One to Seven. I’m on Eight right now.

Now you, you’re wrong if you’ve heard all te Companions Chronicles, Short Trips, Lost Stories etc, to let Six the last one on the list. I didn’t know you wanted to count the big finish ones. Good. What about Jago and Litefoot?

I’ve even seen all the spin off (probe, downtime etc).

You’re 35, but you act like a child who’s not happy because he can’t have his (…) candy.
Why don’t you let us alone? If you’re not happy with this list and actually you’re kinda like the voice of God, I’m pretty sure you’ve got something to do with your life and let us think and say what we want.
You’re a bit narrow minded, aren’t you?

Yeah, I know what you mean. Even if I saw the episodes from One to Seven, I missed Two a lot. That’s a way 🙂
About recons, there are some pretty good on YouTube from johnny fanboy and carmelleful for example, that’s where I took them. They are good IMHO if you want to check that.

Good day 🙂

29 12 2012

Likewise, it is an impossibility for my list to be “all wrong” when it’s a subjective view and I don’t appreciate being subjected to being a likely adolescent because of my personal opinions. Feel free to leave your list in a comment with reasons as many others have above or start a blog and do a post on the exact same topic if you like, but what does it gain to leave a comment like the one above on a completely subjective list outside make you look like an arrogant jack ass?

13 01 2013
Anthony Saturno

Tom Baker and Peter Davidson were my doctors, that being said though. I think there is no beating William Hartnell and the crotchety old man who could never say Ian’s last name right. (Whether that was the 1st Doctor or William himself we’ll never know. I’d put them in this order…

11.)Smith – I just don’t like him in this role. Too much trying to be like Tennant, too much lovey dovey smitten girls with the Doctor. Too much River Song!

10.) Eccleston – Didn’t even last long enough to get interested in this Doctor. And I hate, hate, hate, hate Rose Tyler.

9.)McGann – The lowest point in Doctor Who… you keep thinking that the Doctor will get darker and become more and more like the Valeyard after the McCoy era but no instead… here comes the clown shoes.

8.) Baker, Colin – I love this Doctor but at the same time all his stubborn, arrogrant outburts couldn’t save the writing of this era.

7.) McCoy – It starts to get difficult. Some of my favorite stories are in the Virgin publishings during the McCoy era. Theatre of War, Death and Diplomacy, Conundrum… all just amazing. But in the end this is where he has to be because it just keeps getting better from here.

6.) Pertwee – The James Bond of Doctor Who. I love watching the special features from the DVDs in this era. Watching him do his own stunts and just the banter between him and my favorite Master Roger Delgado. These two really had fun during their time in the roles. Add the Brigadier and other supporting cast to the mix and it was just some amazing times for Doctor Who.

5.) Baker, Tom – This is really hard and sometimes I’ll see a story and start flip-flopping my picks but here is where I would place Tom. Sorry!!!

4.) Tennant – Out of the new series he is a shining star. Poor writing, not the best companions ridiculous bad guys can’t stop Tennant from really being a true Doctor. I love that he is playful, fun, incredibly serious, selfish and sometimes just a petulant child. He has as much emotional outburst as Colin but really sells it. You can tell Tennant loves Doctor Who as much as we do.

3.) Davidson – I kinder gentler playful Doctor. When people say Tennant is like Davidson I say yes but Davidson is like Troughton. This was my favorite time in Doctor Who, I loved the companions especially Turlough and some of my favorite episodes: Castrovalva, Earthshock, Enlightenment, Warriors of the Deep, Frontios and the end Caves of Androzani all within his era. Some of the BBC books in this era are amazing too like Warmonger, Deep Blue, King of Terror.

2.) Troughton – I don’t think I even need to justify this. Hahahaha…. Read Power of the Daleks! Read the new book Wheel of Ice. Watch Tomb of the Cybermen, Krotons and of course War Games.

1.) Hartnell – The man that started it all. I love the dynamic between the original characters. I love the 1st Doctor and Barbara. Such powerful performances in The Daleks, Aztecs, Dalek Invasion of Earth. Things get rough in the end after the main cast leaves but even The Doctor and Vicki and Steven have some great moments in the books and on the screen. Great books here Byzantium! (mostly for Ian’s character though) Empire of Glass, and The Witch Hunters.

24 02 2013

I couldnt disagree with more. The best doctors are tom baker, jon pertwee, pat and bill the others all suck, bar a few good episodes each here and there in the 80s. As for the new show, its laughably piss poor, and i wouldn’t watch it again if I was paid.

16 03 2013

To be honest, I first thought you were some sort of imbecile. Well, not to be rude, but you still are. In my opinion, the 7th Doctor was the greatest Doctor, and I loved Ghost Light, which would have boosted his rating all the way up to 2nd or 1st for me. But you made the right choice with the 10th Doctor. Plus, Tom Baker was AMAZING and deserves 3rd, and OMG – DID YOU *SERIOUSLY* PUT WILLIAM HARTNELL 10th?! TENTH?! :O

28 03 2013

10 is WONDERFUL! and i gotta say 11 is pretty good, but honestly, most of the acting in the classic and 9 weren’t my favorite, but Tennant, is just an AMAZING actor, and I don’t think anyone can deny that he is the life of Doctor Who, even if his time has come and gone…

7 04 2013

Yes, I would like a jelly baby.

7 04 2013
Chris J

Hi guys there is one thing that everyone has missed.

The whole storyline of Colin Baker’s Doctor was to show a doctor whose regeneration was damaged. Peter Davidsons Doctor died from the Spetrox poisoning which corrupted him on a cellular level (this is pre-9th doctor death….also why’s it always radiation/energy that kills him?!?)

The 5th Doctor even says ‘it feels different this time’ the idea of the 6th Doctors story was originally one that was about the Doctor starting from square one after almost completely dying. It would start with him being not the Doctor we all knew and loved making decisions that were ruthless in some lights and being arrogant and mean. Then as it went along he would start being the man we all knew and loved, probably ending his regeneration in a really heroic way to solidify that his spiritual/redemption storyline was over.

The idea would be to do something different to the character of the Doctor and allow the show have a breath of fresh air.

Sadly that third and final series never happened and we didnt get to see Colins story tied all up and make everyone eventually like him.

It’s why he had such a barking costume. Everything was supposed to not be right with him from the start (hence attacking Peri in The Twin Dillema and then realising something was wrong and stopping)

A lot of people hate his episodes as they were darker. Not all hit the mark BUT rewatch Revelation of The Darleks, Vengeance on Varos or the Trial of a Time Lord and they deal with themes that were ahead of their time and with a little reworking to modern scripting they would probably be classed as some of the greatest episodes of all time.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I respect everyone’s here. If it was my list it would be hard to do as I think that there have been NO bad Doctors. All have been great for certain reasons. I’m also of the group of people that think Tom Baker stayed on 2 years too long and that Tennant had a great 1st series, an average 3rd (made extremely bad by Jon Simms Master – love the actor but never felt like a credible threat to me and the whole dancing and turning the doctor into Dobbie the house elf thing was terrible) a good 4th series and his exit was tainted by a terrible last story that focused too much on the fact that he was leaving the role than the Doctor. That said, still a great Doctor.

7 04 2013
robb white

Completely agree about Tom Baker(even though most Whovians love him), and my list would only differ by putting Matt Smith at 3 instead of 4.

29 04 2013

I think they have all been amazing and the fact that the show is in its 50th year, barring the hiatus, is a testament to the actors that have played the doctor. Personally my top 3 are:
3)Peter Davison
2)David Tennant
1)Matt Smith. I think I, like many people were amazed at how quickly I took to Matt Smith as the doctor, especially after seeing what you would call “my doctor” leave the show.
I think putting Matt Smith at 1 is also a big thumbs up to Steven Moffat. Some of the scripts under him have been some of the best ever

13 05 2013

Peter Davison became The Doctor when I was 19, and he has been my favourite Doctor ever since. However I completely agree that the best Doctor is Matt Smith.
I know that for a lot of younger fans who started watching the show in 2005, David Tennant is The Doctor. And I did really like him. However it did take time for me to warm to him, and by the time he left, I really did think that it was time for him to go.
I needed no time to warm to the Eleventh Doctor, though. I just loved him immediately. I love the way he plays The Doctor–he is the one actor who really makes me believe that The Doctor is 1,000 years old and struggles with carrying the weight of everything that he has seen and done during his long life. Even in his happiest moments, there is a sadness about him.
I think he just keeps getting better in the role. And anyone who doubts that he is a great Doctor just needs to watch his “take it all” speech in “The Rings of Akhaten”…it gave me goosebumps.
I think that you are absolutely right about Stephen Moffat…he got that casting absolutely right, and him and his Doctor have given us some of the best Who there has ever been.

13 05 2013

Peter Davison became The Doctor when I was 19, and he has been my favourite Doctor ever since. However I completely agree that the best Doctor is Matt Smith.
I know that for a lot of younger fans who started watching the show in 2005, David Tennant is The Doctor. And I did really like him. However it did take time for me to warm to him, and by the time he left, I really did think that it was time for him to go.
I needed no time to warm to the Eleventh Doctor, though. I just loved him immediately. I love the way he plays The Doctor–he is the one actor who really makes me believe that The Doctor is 1,000 years old and struggles with carrying the weight of everything that he has seen and done during his long life. Even in his happiest moments, there is a sadness about him.
I think he just keeps getting better in the role. And anyone who doubts that he is a great Doctor just needs to watch his “take it all” speech in “The Rings of Akhaten”…it gave me goosebumps.
I think that you are right about Stephen Moffat. He got the casting absolutely right. And I think that him and Matt Smith have given us some of the best Who that the show has ever had.

16 05 2013

This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!
! Finally I have found something which helped me.

12 07 2013
Michael Cox

I stopped reading when I saw where you ranked Tom Baker. Absurd,

15 07 2013

For me…
11-Colin Baker
10-Paul McGann
9-Peter Davison
8-William Hartnell
7-David Tennant
6-Matt Smith
5-Christopher Eccelston
4-Tom Baker
3-Jon Pertwee
2-Sylvester McCoy
1-Patrick Troughton

28 07 2013

In my opinion, Dr. Who works best with an older and wiser doctor. The doctors in the new series are just too young for my taste, although Matt Smith seems older than his chronological age, and David Tennant is a fine actor. I suppose, the doctors are going to continue to get younger because we need actors who played the Doctor at Dr. Who conventions for decades to come. I also like the doctors who have a good sense of humor and a sophisticated demeanor. Thus, my rankings are as follows:

11. Colin Baker
10. Paul McGann
9. Peter Davidson
8. Christopher Eccleston
7. Sylvester McCoy
6. Patrick Troughton
5. William Hartnell
4. David Tennant
3. Matt Smith
2. John Pertwee
1. Tom Baker

I like Tom Baker because of his wit and he is very Holmesian. To me, Baker sets the standard for the Doctors. He also has a great voice. I have to admit, after The City of Death, Dr. Who was never quite as good until the new series. I also like John Pertwee because he takes pride in being a scientist and is a great elder statesmen. Matt Smith is good because he does not have to be serious all the time. He is also handicapped because the quality of the scripts have somewhat declined in his era.

Patrick Troughton is one of the most beloved doctors, but he just didn’t really work for me. I think during his era, the show targeted children. Paul McGann just wasn’t in the show long enough for me to make an impression and Colin Baker just didn’t fit the role. As good as an actor Peter Davidson is, I just didn’t think he fit the role 30 years ago.

22 10 2013

Wow probably one of the few comment sections that are civil and level-headed that talks about Doctor Who ranking, except for that “Steve” above.

Though I disagree with you putting Tom Baker almost at the bottom I have to agree that it’s all about preference. I watched the series in a non-linear way so I go from 1 ->3 ->2 -> 10 -> 4 ->6… if you get what I’m saying..

11. Colin Baker, same reason as you.

10. Paul McGann, he couldve been a good Doctor but the tv/movie was just bad, really bad. His Big Finish audios were really good though.

9. William Hartnell

8. Christopher Eccleston

7. Matt Smith, sorry Smith fans, not really Matt’s fault but the terrible writing given I had so much faith in Moffat but season 6 and 7 are just bad.

6. Sylvester Mccoy

5. Peter Davison, I just can’t dislike this Doctor.

4. Patrick Troughton, He defined the Doctor’s character. If it weren’t for his Doctor the show would have probably axed. Pretty sure Matt Smith’s Doctor is a carbon-copy of 2nd Doctor with the way he acts and his bow tie.

3. Jon Pertwee, this is tricky.. the last three are my favorite and it’s hard to rank them. Still I’ll put Pertwee in third for now since I have been watching too many Tom Baker episodes atm.

2. David Tennant, the best actor to ever play the role. He totally grab the role and made it his own. Though his Doctor is kind of reminiscent to 4th especially the crazy eyes and the “creepy” smile and some dialogues, he just breaks the barrier of the character and simply show a lot of depth and personality. I would probably put him in no. 1 with Tom Baker.

1. Tom Baker, what can I say…He is THE Doctor. “No Doctor, I am THE Doctor!.. the definite article you, might say”

24 11 2013

Good list. I don’t agree with it but I think you made a good case for how you rank each doctor.

My order (worst to best) based on how much I enjoyed their screen time – no matter how limited.

14. Sylvester McCoy
13. Matt Smith
12. Richard E. Grant (semi-official animated 9th)
11. Richard Hurdnall
10. Colin Baker
9. Paul McGann
8. Peter Cushing (non-cannon yup got it)
7. Patrick Troughten
6. John Pertwe
5. William Hartnel
4. Christopher Eccleston
3. Peter Davidson
2. David Tenant
1. Tom Baker

26 11 2013

Good list. I don’t agree with it but I think you made a good case for how you rank each doctor.

My order (worst to best) based on how much I enjoyed their screen time – no matter how limited. So if doctor had one appearance but I enjoyed 100% of it they still score higher than a full Doctor who I didn’t enjoy at all.

15. Sylvester McCoy
14. Matt Smith
13. John Hurt
12. Richard E. Grant (semi-official animated 9th)
11. Richard Hurdnall
10. Colin Baker
9. Paul McGann
8. Peter Cushing (non-cannon yup got it)
7. Patrick Troughten
6. John Pertwe
5. William Hartnel
4. Christopher Eccleston
3. David Tenant
2. Peter Davidson
1. Tom Baker

26 11 2013

Nice additions here, thanks for sharing! I need to update my list a bit to include at least John Hurt and my ranking has changed some since I came to these conclusions over a year ago. I will probably wait until Capaldi has at least an episode or two under his belt and then amend again as well. Stay on the lookout — I really have high hopes for PC, he was brilliant in Thick of It, and I’m sure he will serve DW well.

26 11 2013

I like Peter Capaldi. I remember years ago when Dr Who was in the wilderness thinking that he would make a great Doctor.

But (and it’s a huge but for me) I can’t see any Moffat led Doctor being enjoyable no matter how charismatic the actor. I have a hue aversion to Moffat work. I find it terribly shallow from point of view of the themes and the emotional life of the characters.

There is something about the way Moffat elevates the mechanisms of the story-line above all else. Characters and themes are picked up and tossed away with reckless abandon. All to service these grinding tedious plots which take months to resolve (usually in the form of a mystery waiting to be revealed).

People say Moffat has “explored” the theme of memory. I really don’t think he has. I think he has had a few characters lose their memory. There is a difference. It’s like he doesn’t do subtext.

1 12 2013

Have you seen The Romans? The First Doctor was just about giddy he was having so much fun traipsing about with Nero, playing totally silent musical compositions on his lyre, and helping set Rome on fire. And think about all the times Hartnell’s doctor was reduced to fits of giggling on screen–not to mention all the times we saw his little grin with his head upturned and his eyes twinkling. He clearly enjoyed a lot of his scheming, exploring, bickering–and growing friendships. I think the old boy had fun picking up a girlfriend in The Aztecs too.

This “feeble” doctor handily beat up a Roman assassin. There was also that cane fight with his “clone” in The Chase. It may not be a credit to his initial character, but he did almost bash in a cave man’s head with a rock. He showed no fear at all in telling off the Daleks in The Dalek Invasion of Earth and in standing up to the War Machines and Cybermen. William Hartnell may have been older and on the scrawny side, but there is a real reason why he was cast repeatedly as drill sergeants prior to Doctor Who. He had a real sense of authority and grit. And surely “ridiculous” and “zany” is the very definition of The Gunfighters. In an unbelievable comedy of errors, the doctor was mistaken for gunfighter “Doc” Holliday in the Wild West. That whole story was one of the zaniest things every created (it’s not one of my personal favorites, but bizarrely comedic it certainly was and Hartnell was good in it). And the First Doctor’s banter with his companions sometimes also took on a light, even comical tone.

Overall, though, I like that he was mostly “no nonsense” serious but was still very mysterious and had authority and gravitas. It seems fitting for a Time Lord of his stature and influence on universal events. And considering the nature of the Time Lords (not to mention human nature too), I also think it fitting that he had more positive and negative aspects to his character. He had a good character arc too. He was hard and snappy at times but grew to really care about his companions and about fighting for good to triumph. I’m glad they didn’t initially conceive of the doctor as some sort of tremendously sympathetic, just too compassionate, mushy, emotional, romantic, brooding, not very mysterious, regular-guy-but-still-a-superhero like Tennant’s doctor (while also not going too far and making him almost unbearable like Colin Baker’s). I found Tennant’s doctor to be more Hollywood-ized and soap opera-ish. I know I’m in the minority but I’ve seen every single one of Tennant’s episodes and I just don’t get the over-the-top appeal he seems to have for many people out there. In my opinion he’s OK, but I find it baffling how he wins just about every poll. I don’t have a problem being individualistic in my choices, though–to each his own.

At any rate, my list at the moment (subject to change) of my favorite doctors is:

1. William Hartnell
2. Jon Pertwee
3. Matt Smith
4. Patrick Troughton
5. Tom Baker
6. John Hurt
7. David Tennant
8. Peter Davison
9. Sylvester McCoy
10. Paul McGann
11. Christopher Eccleston
12. Colin Baker

4 01 2014
Dew Mann

With the release of the long-lost Enemy of the World and Web of Fear, it’s Patrick Troughton by a mile. (And apparently more stories are coming, thanks to Phillip Morris, including possibly Wheel in Space, Macra Terror and (please ye gods) Fury From The Deep. Apparently there are rumors of Power of the Daleks and Evil of the Daleks also.) The rest I tend to see in clusters. Top cluster after Troughton are David Tennant, Tom Baker, and Jon Pertwee. Then William Hartnell, Paul McGann (excellent), Christopher Eccleston, Peter Davison, Matt Smith. Then Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, both of whom I enjoy very much.

Companion (and regulars) ratings:
1 – Brigadier (come on, you have to agree with this one)
2 – Jamie
3 – Ian Chesterton
4 – Rose
5 – Jo Grant
6 – Sara Jane Smith
7 – Zoe
8 – Polly
9 – Victoria
10 – Ms. (and Mr.) Amelia Pond
11 – Sergeant Benton
12 – Tegan
13 – Ben
14 – River Song
15 – Peri

1 – Master I (Delgado)
2 – Daleks
3 – Cybermen
4 – Mars-Water Infectees (did they have a name?)
5 – Zygons
6 – Master II (Ainsley)
7 – Davros
8 – (is K-9 a monster? Tom Baker apparently thought so).

13 02 2016

The first doctor I SAW (on screen) was Tom Baker; the first doctor I MET (doing a promo tour) was Colin Baker, in the mid-’80s. He was VERY witty, and immediately became my favorite. He’d never liked the costume, himself, but it wasn’t his choice.

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